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OnlyFans is the easiest way to monetize females


If you get a girl right now and put her on OnlyFans you will make a lot of mistakes and she won’t make no money. Consequently, she’ll quit.


I’ll teach you how to make 6 figures every year with the girls you manage

You need to learn from somebody who is already successful

If you get your information from Google or other bullshit sources, you will lose a lot of time and money

OnlyFans GENIUS is the most specific and broad course I have ever created

My goal with this product is to make sure every girl you put on OnlyFans makes 6 figures a year

The course has 2 hours of video content and a PDF explaining everything you have to do very specifically

It is not something general. You will learn exactly what you have to do in order to find and manage OnlyFans models.

Course Content:

Chapter I – Introduction

How to find girls

How to create an OnlyFans Agency

The biggest mistakes we’ve made and how to avoid them

Chapter II – Set-up

How to set-up her account

How to promote her on social media every day( we offer you specific tips,)

Chapter III – Social Media Genius

We talk about all the social media platforms and how to grow there in order to have success on OnlyFans (Reddit, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)

Chapter IV – OnlyFans Tactics

What to post, when

How to monetize the subscribers

Chapter V – Adult Industry Mogul Routines

What to do every day in order to promote your current models and what must be your daily habits in order to find new girls


Bonus 1:

The PDF will have screenshots and the exact websites you need to know how to use in order to make money


Bonus 2:

A telegram group with other OnlyFans managers where you can get information and ask questions

After you’ve watched this course you will know exactly what you have to do

From A to Z

You will make 6 figures per year with every girl you work with.


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  • You will get: 2 hours of video content + a PDF + Access to a OnlyFans Telegram Group


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